Beautiful Tattoo Designs for Girls

Feminine tattoo designs are made up of images that represent women, such as lace, ribbons, butterflies, flowers and birds. Tattoo designs for women often include intricate detail and delicate colors, design aspects that add to the feminine appeal of the design.

Birds in Feminine Tattoo Designs
Birds represent beauty, freedom and flight. Some birds have cultural significance, whereas others are simply prized for their beauty. Most bird tattoo designs are chosen because the bird in the design has a personal meaning to the person being tattooed.

Above: This colorful tattoo of a peacock is completed with flowers. The artist has based the design on curves, so that the tattoo compliments the shape of the girl's body.

Rose Tattoos for Women
Roses are associated with love, romance and femininity. As Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet". The flower petals of roses naturally occur in a variety of female shades; pinks, reds, and oranges. 

Above: The tattoo designer has used symmetry to give a sense of order to this woman's back tattoo. The darker colors and art style give the finished tattoo a gothic feel, which compliments the bows on her thighs.

Lace is for Ladies' Tattoo Designs
For hundreds of years, women have worn lace to accentuate their feminine nature. This delicate clothing decoration is tricky to create in tattoos, because the ink tends to spread under the skin over time, blurring the fine lines of the lace. 

Above: This lace garter tattoo design is a perfect way for women to show off their feminine side. It is both classical and sexy, a combination of the old and the new.

Butterfly Tattoos for Girls
Butterflies boast a mosaic of colors and patterns, and the only limitation a butterfly tattoo design has is the designer's imagination. Butterfly tattoos are often chosen to represent beauty, freedom and lightheartedness. 

Above: This girl has chosen to keep the natural colors and patterns of these butterflies in the tattoo design.

Blossoming Branches Tattoo
The image of the blossoming branch is a symbol of spring, renewal and new beginnings. Tattoo designs of this kind are often based on the cherry blossom tree, honoring the tree's interesting branches and beautiful flowers.

Above: Tattoo designs of blossoming branches have an interesting aesthetic make-up. The colorful flowers on the linear background of branches creates a detailed, feminine silhouette that is hard to mistake, even from afar.