Celebrity Optical Illusions

Optical illusions of people who have become famous throughout the ages, including Jesus Christ, Einstein, Marilyn Monroe and Barack Obama.

Optical illusions take many forms – sometimes an image is hidden in a series of lines or dots, sometimes two images are included in the same picture and can only be seen if you change they way that you look at the artwork.

Jesus Christ Optical Illusions

The image of Jesus Christ has been used as the subject matter for many optical illusions. Take a look at these and see if you can find Jesus. (For the vertical line optical illusion, move away from your monitor to see the image).

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a 20th century scientist and philosopher who is famous for his theory of relativity. Take a look at the picture of his below. Can you see Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe? (Hint - move back from the screen)

Marilyn Monroe

Test yourself to see if you can find the famous actress, Marilyn Monroe, in the picture below. (Hint – Move away from your screen and focus on the center of the image until Marilyn emerges.)

President Barack Obama

Stare at the center of the optical illusion image and then look at a bright, flat surface such as a wall to see a picture of the US president Barack Obama.

George W. Bush

Can you see the words “peace” and “war” in the first picture of George Bush? The second picture doesn’t contain a picture of George W Bush, but the images, when seen together, create an illusion of his face.

Scarlett Johansson

Move away from your screen and stare at the center of the image below to see an image of the beautiful actress and model, Scarlett Johansson.

Elvis Presley

Focus on the cross in the center of the screen for a while and then look at a bright, flat surface like a wall to see an afterimage of the Rock and Roll King, Elvis Presley.

Brad Pitt

Hollywood heart throb Brad Pitt is hiding somewhere in this image.

Homer Simpson

Famous loser dad Homer Simpson, from the hit animated TV series “The Simpsons” isn’t actually pictured here. The collection of other character images gives the illusion of Homer’s face.

Johnny Depp

To see Johnny Depp in the image below, focus on the center of the image and move away from your screen.

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