Wicked Photoshopped Animal Hybrids

Amazing and funny artwork from digital artists around the world, depicting what kind of a creature would emerge if two or more animals were hybridized.

Digital art programs such as Adobe Photoshop allow designers and artists to create photo-realistic images from scratch. These programs include the design tools needed to create a hybrid of two images, such as an animal hybrid. Design software packages like these enable designers to create a variety of extraordinary images with the art of photo manipulation.

Crocodile Parrot
Aerial security at it’s best. Imagine a flock of these critters guarding the perimeter of your property.

Caterpillar Rooster
Never worry about whether you will be awake on time with this nifty pet on a pot plant beside your bed.

Rhino Rooster
If you’re one of those people who believes that size counts, the rhino rooster definitely trumps the caterpillar rooster as an alarm clock.

Alpaca Mouse
For the cutest,snuggliest, pocket-sized gift you will ever give…

Penguin Shark
With this little guy on guard, no-one will dare to pee in the pool again!

Dog Monkey
Man’s best friend with opposable thumbs.

Wolf Squirrel
You’ll find these guys on full moon, howling from the tops of trees.

Rabbit Bird
Infamous for breeding at a dizzy rate and trimming the tops of trees.

Kangaroo Dolphin
This bouncing, swimming creature makes an ideal pet for hyperactive kids.

Mouse Spider
Wow your enemies with this cute and furry ball of death.

Cat Duck
Cat Duck never quite overcame its fear of water…

Elephant Seals
Bath buddies with a long memory.

Chihuahua Chicken
Provides breakfast AND looks gorgeous in your handbag.

Parrot Frog
Nature’s answer to a portable, water-proof dictaphone.

Horse Dog
For those who enjoy riding a horse that barks and drinks out of the toilet.

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