Glass Sculpture Gives a Clear View on Design

Glass sculptures are also known as studio glass. These are items that have been made from glass with a purely decorative purpose in mind. This versatile art style allows glass workers to create a world of shiny, transparent art works.

Making Glass Art Sculptures
Most people are familiar with the method of glass blowing, in which a lump of glass is heated and then hollowed as air is blown into the glass. This creates a bulb or tube, depending on how the glass blower treats the glass. Other ways to create glass art include stained glass, lampworking, coldworking, beadmaking, casting and fusing.

Above: This glass art sculpture has been created through the process of glass blowing. The delicate design is accentuated with patterns that have been worked into the glass.

Above: This glass ball has swirls of colored glass bulbs trapped inside it.

Above: These glass flowers are fun decorations for kids' rooms or a lively restaurant.

Above: An abstract art glass sculpture

Glass Sculptures as Interior Decor
Glass sculptures come in a variety of sizes, from small paperweights to large, rambling sculptures. In the home or office, glass sculptures can be displayed on a shelf or side table as an aesthetic talking piece. Many glass artists will create a sculpture according to the customer's needs in terms of size, shape and color, which means that glass art can be custom made to a person's desires.

Above: An abstract art glass sculpture depicting a squid-like creature.

Above: Using different colors of glass, this artist has created an explosion of color.

Above: This design boasts an alienish essence, as the shape, color and pattern make the art work appear to be an alien seed pod or egg sac.