Blooming Bling! Jewelry Made with Real Flowers

Preserved for eternity, live flowers can be worn to create a fun flash of color to celebrate spring or brighten up a winter wardrobe.

Flowers make lovely yet fleeting gifts. A bouquet of roses is considered to be a romantic gesture, but the flowers eventually fade and die. Jewelry designers have incorporated flowers into jewelry design for centuries, but these pieces lack the intricate detail and colors of a real, natural flower.

Above: A real flower preserved to retain its color and shape.

Jewelers have now discovered new ways to keep a flower blooming, by carefully preserving the flower and coating it in resin. This hard, shiny coating of resin both protects the flower while preserving the shape and color of the delicate petals. Because of this technique, a romantic gift of flowers can be treasured for many years. As a Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversary gift, real flower jewelry is a long-lasting, unique and memorable present. The symbolism of specific flowers means that a gift of flower jewelry can have a much deeper, more personal meaning than that of a gift of a live flower arrangement.

Real flower jewelry available online at HanamiUSA
The following real flower jewelry pieces by Hanami use whole flowers and individual flower petals. The flowers or petals need to be almost identical in nature to create a matching pair of earrings.


Real flower jewelry available online at RoyalPrincess
RoyalPrincess sells beautiful real flower jewelry that is perfect for brides and bridesmaids, or even a symbolic wedding gift. This jewelry designers incorporates sterling silver, pearls and gold into the artworks, so that the flowers can bloom eternally in style.


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