Edible Superheroes Hit the Runways in Chocolate Fashions

Fashion designers and confectioners have joined forces to create a fashion show of edible clothing, with designs based on famous and popular superhero characters.

The 11th Annual Chocolate Show in New York, USA, offered a unique combination of food, fashion and superheroes. Models strutted down the runway wearing edible chocolate clothing styled to look like popular movie characters, comic book heroes and mythological creatures.

Chocolate melts when it comes into contact with the warmth of the human body, so these trendy food fashions didn’t last long as models left a wake of dripping chocolate and melting confectionery items. Some of the sturdier materials used to compliment the chocolate clothing was sugar pastry and conventional materials and fabrics.

David Barton of David Barton Gyms was styled to be a “gym hero”, complete with chocolate barbells and chocolate championship belt. When Barton’s chocolate body paint started to melt, a female audience member became so excited that she rushed on stage to lick the chocolate from his muscular body.

A chocolate Lara Croft-style costume made a deliciously brief appearance. Almost the entire outfit is made from edible chocolate.

Above: A Lara Croft outfit made from chocolate

Popular TV series character, Xena, also showed up. Slabs of carefully crafted chocolate were made to form a representation of Xena’s paneled leather skirt. Gold confectioner’s paint was used to create a convincing chocolate replica of Xena’s body armor and crown.

Above: Xena's outfit is made of chocolate that has been painted and molded to look like metal or leather.

“Sedusa” a character based on the mythological character Medusa, also boasted a generous application of gold confectioners paint. For the show, designers had to create outfits that were more than 40% edible chocolate. Sedusa’s head piece with it’s writhing snakes, as well as her clothing and jewelry, are all chocolate.

Above: "Sedusa", based on the Greek mythological character Medusa

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