Photoshop Humanoids

A humanoid is a creature that has human characteristics. The term was first used in 1912 to describe skeletons that were physically similar to, but not exactly like, human skeletons. Humanoids appear often in science fiction novels and movies, as aliens or robots that resemble humans. Distinctive human features of humanoids areopposable thumbs and a bipedal bone structure (the bone structure of creatures that walk on two legs).

Creating Alien Photoshop Humanoids

Alien designers often show aliens as having two or three fingers along with an opposable thumb. In the picture above, the creature is further personified through the use of a human facial expression and clothing that resembles those worn by Earth men.

Humanoids are often depicted as having animal features such as claws, feathers or leathery skin. The humanoid above is a biped, yet the bone structure of the head and legs resembles a demonic, alien creature. This manimal belongs solely to the world of fantasy, bearing little resemblance to any Earth creature.

Digital artists can create believable humanoids by retaining the basic structure of a human physique, while adding alien features to the structure. In the image above, the artist has elongated the character's skull and added extra alien characteristics to the head and body. Even though the result is distinctly alien, this humanoid retains the human characteristics of recognizable facial features and basic human body structure.

Designing Robotic Photoshop Humanoids

This CG art work was created with photo manipulation. The artist morphed a photograph to create a female robot humanoid. Though this character is a machine, it retains the organic essence of a human woman.

The above design is a believable, photo-realistic portrayal of a robotic humanoid woman. By using intelligent lighting techniques, the artist has managed to create a 3D feel for the character. The feminine essence of the robot is emphasized through the artist's use of exaggeration - making certain parts of the robot woman's body larger or smaller than it would realistically be on a human figure.

There are thousands of manimal, hybrid and humanoid Photoshop designs online. The images the computer graphics artists create are limited only by their imagination and their skill.

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