10 Amazing Cake Designs

Cakes are often served at celebrations such as birthdays, or events such as an anniversary or Christmas party. Often these cakes have been designed to reflect something that has meaning to the recipients.

Dungeons and Dragons Cake
This amazing dungeons and dragons cake design is ideal for the ultimate gamer. It even has its own polyhedral dice. The cake artist has paid careful attention to the detail of the dragon food sculpture, giving this food art work an edible aesthetic that will appeal to all ages.

Photo Realistic Painting on Cake
This cake artist has created an edible artwork by painting on the surface of the cake with food coloring and dye. Cake designs like this are ideal for photographic studios or even for the owner of the store that is shown in the reference photograph.

Steampunk Sweet Cake
Steampunk is a popular modern art style that combines fantastic clockwork gadgetry with Victorian style items. In this food art work, the baker has used a metallic and wood color scheme that is typical of steampunk art works. See more steampunk art here and here.

A Starry Night Birthday Cake
This cake design uses Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night painting as its design scheme. The artist has mimicked van Gogh's messy, expressive brushstrokes by applying the cake icing in a similar style.

Anatomy on Your Cake Plate
The cake artist has used an anatomy textbook as the theme in this cake. The dry humor of this cake design would likely appeal to medical students or hospital staff.

Aint Nothin' but a Hound Dog Cake
This confectionery food art is a sweet sculpture of a Basset Hound dog. This dessert has won both awards and the hearts of all who see it.

A Ssspecial Ssserpent Cake
Though snakes frighten most people, there are those who are fascinated by serpents of all kinds. This passion has been reflected in this cake design of a snake, complete with scales and markings.

Marvel Comics Superhero Cake
Here's a birthday cake design that will appeal to all comics fans, with its representation of each of the most popular Marvel Comics superheroes. Each layer symbolizes a different superhero, such as Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and The Hulk.

Scorpio Star Sign Birthday Cake
This birthday cake has been designed for those who have the Scorpio star sign. The gold scorpion sculpture is beautifully decorated with edible paint and piping, to create a luxurious birthday cake design.

A Stitch in Time Saves Cake
In this beautiful food art work, the cake artist has created an antique Singer sewing machine sculpture, surrounded by other items of a seamstress's trade, such as scissors, cotton reels and buttons.