Top 10 Things That are So Cute You Could Puke

Cuteness guaranteed to give you cute overload.

10. Photos of Toddlers
Toddlers are super cute, no matter what they are doing. Give a grown man a computer and people think, “Geek.” Give a two year old a computer and she’ll be surrounded by adults cooing at her and reverting to baby language, while she bashes the keyboard and attempts to eat the mouse.

9. Uber Cute Hello Kitty Valentines Cards
Isn’t it adorable? What self-respecting girl wouldn’t love to receive a card like this on Valentine’s Day? It has all the right elements for being super cute, but when competing with the other entries, only scored number nine on this list of cuteness.

8. LOLcats only reached number 8 on this list, because sadly, there are cuter things in this world than pictures of cats with terrible vocabularies making fools of themselves…

7. Cute Little Manga Girls
Isn’t she just so pretty? Prepare for cute overload when searching the web for Manga art, because you’ll find yourself inundated with lots of big, innocent eyes and oversized hair ribbons. 

6. Crocheted Cupcake Soft Toys
It’s not edible, but it is very sweet. Freshly crocheted and ready to satisfy your cute tooth, coming in at number 6 we have woolen cupcake soft toys, complete with pink sprinkles and shiny eyes.

5. Wrinkly Puppies in Pajamas
Who can resist a wrinkly puppy squinting myopically at a camera? This fluffy fella just won 5th place for being so adorably cute in his mini PJs.

4. Kittens in Teacups
Any baby animal shoved into a teacup is bound to elicit an “Aw, sweet!” from certain parties, so this photo has earned itself a 4th place prize for having done just that.

3. Chihuahua Puppy
Puppy! Is there anything more sickeningly cute than a tiny, blind, whimpering Chihuahua puppy that fits into the palm of a hand? There is, which is why this picture only reached number three on this list.

2. Anne Geddes Baby Photography
Look at those chubby wubby little cheeky weekies… Coming in at number two is this photo of a laughing baby in a bunny suit. Aww…

1. World’s Tiniest Kitten
Isn’t it just the sweetest itty bitty little thing? In first place we have this photoshopped artwork by TBA that won first prize in the Sickening Cute contest.