Japanese Food Art: Not Just a Tasty Meal

Japanese chefs pride themselves not only on the flavor and texture of their food, but also on the attractive presentation of a meal. In Japan, the presentation of a meal is as important as the taste and texture of the food. Japanese chefs pride themselves on the creative, artistic nature of dish, as well as the flavors within the meal.

Rice Art

By coloring the rice and then shaping it, these creative chefs have created comical, edible characters. Most of these dishes have been designed for the delight of children, but are also enjoyed by adults. The chef uses other foodstuffs in the dish, such as seaweed, to give the character more personality.

Sushi Food Art

Sushi is one of Japan’s most famous and internationally appreciated foods. Sushi is well-known foe being not only delicious, but an attractive, healthy meal. These chefs have taken the artistic food a step further, using colored sushi rice, fish roe (fish eggs), seaweed sheets and different vegetables to create patterns and pictures with the sushi.

Watermelon Art

These chefs have used watermelons as a canvas for their designs. Cutting into the fruit at different depths allows them to utilize a specific color layer within the fruit. The green portions of the picture are the skin, the white is found below the skin and the pinks are found at the centre of the melon. By carefully cutting around the green portions, the artistic chef can create an artwork from the simple fruit.

Japanese food is more than just sustenance. Each meal can be appreciated for its flavor, texture and aesthetic value. This artistic nation can turn any drab, plain food stuff into an exciting edible art work to excite artistic palettes.

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