Vinyl Records Find a Second Life as Art

For decades, vinyl records were a way for music recording artists to share their music with the world. When cassette tapes and then CDs and MP3 players were invented, vinyl records were shelved. Now, artists are giving vinyl records a second life as art pieces.


With their circular shape and central hole, vinyl records can easily be converted into clocks. To add a bit of flair, shapes can be cut into the record or it can be painted with an attractive design.

Vinyl Records Recycled as Bowls

Vinyl records become pliable when heated, which means that they can molded into a variety of shapes. The most common shape is a serving bowl.

Vinyl Records become Kinetic Sculptures
South African artist William Kentridge created this kinetic sculpture, Phenakistascope, in 2000. When the handle is turned, the two vinyl records spin in opposite directions, created an optical illusion of animation.

Utilitarian Upcycled Records

Old LPs as Musical Decor
Shaped records create colorful, textured wall decorations; perfect interior decor for the music lover’s home.

Recycled Records become Wearable Music

The glossy black color of vinyl records creates an eye-catching piece of jewelry. Records can also be used as jewelry stands for earrings.

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