Wear Art on your Eyelids with Eye Shadow Paintings

Eye shadow is a cosmetic that is applied to the lids of the eyes to create shadows or highlights to define the shape of the eye. Generally, eye shadow is applied in smooth gradients, with two or more colors subtly blended into one another to create a natural effect. But what if a girl wants her eyes to tell a tale? Enter the art of eyelid painting...

I See the City and the City Sees Me

The colorful gradient of a city-lit sky makes a stunning background for the subject of this body art; a city skyline. The tiny lit windows in the buildings give the cosmetic artist an opportunity to bring out her metallic body paints.

The full art work is only visible when the wearer has her eyes closed. The artist has smudged and blended different colors of eye shadow powder to create the gradient of colors in the background of this skyline eye shadow painting. [source]

The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow
Based on a prism design, this body painting piece uses the eye as the focus of the art work. The make-up artist has applied paint to not just the upper eyelid, but the areas surrounding the eye.

False eyelashes and tiny rhinestones add to the beauty of this eye make-up design. The theme of this art work is light, so the artist has created prisms of color which reflect in the sparkly diamantes between the model's eyelashes. [source]

Playing Super Mario with Your Eyes Closed

Super Mario is a Nintendo game that was first released in the 1980s. The game became so popular that the characters are often used in video game fan art works. In the picture below, make-up artist Katie Alves has used body paint in place of eye shadow powder. This allows her to create tiny details of the game, such as bricks and coins.

This Super Mario face painting uses just the eyelid as the canvas for the art work. The artist, Katie Alves, has used tiny brushes to paint on the details of this fan art piece, even including elements from the game in between the model's eyes. [source]

Eyes on Fire
Using metallic and glitter body paints and eye shadows powders, this cosmetic artist has created fiery eyes, including a decorative flower design at the edge of the eyes.

The contrast between the shimmering golds and the darker charcoal areas give interest to this eye shadow painting. The colors are perfect for a party or festival during fall. [source]

Be a Jungle Queen with the Lion King
The Lion King is one of Disney's most popular animated films, with many memorable scenes. In the body art work below, one of these famous scenes is painted onto the girl's eyelids. The tiny silhouettes of the animals are painted onto the background with the tip of a fine paint brush.

It's fairly common for make-up artists to use two different colors; one along the edge of the eyelid, and another for the area below the eyebrow. In this eye shadow painting, green and blue have been used not just for an interesting contrast, but to create the impression of grasslands and sky. On the left we see Rafiki holding up a baby Simba for the animals to see. [source]

Eat With Your Eyes
The shape of the eye is similar to the shape of the mouth. This cosmetic artist has used the similarity in shape to create lips around the eyelids, so the wearer can "eat" with her eyes.

The finished result is bit strange, but these lippy eyes are still pretty funny. [source]

The View from the Little Mermaid's Bedroom
The make-up artist has used a base of blue body paint for this under-the-sea scene. Gold paint has been used to highlight the fronds of seaweed. To complete the painting, the artist has extended the gold paint onto the eyelashes of the model, giving her lashes black and gold stripes.

Another eyelid painting by Katie Alves. These fun designs aer great ideas for dress up parties and music festivals. [source]

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