10 Exquisite Photographs of Wild Animals

Nature holds a wealth of beauty and wonder that every once in a while, a photographer manages to capture in a single frame. Wild animals are a source of fascination for human beings - their lives may be harsher in some ways, but in many ways they embody a sense of freedom that people crave.

Wildlife photography can be a hobby or a career

Wildlife photography is a hobby for some, but for others, it can be a career. Photos of wild animals can be used in magazines, newspapers and even research materials such as textbooks. But there are so many people in the world who enjoy looking at pictures of animals in their natural habitat that photography books that show only wildlife photos are incredibly popular. These books can provide inspiration for artists, writers, musicians and photographers, and they can also be used to educate people about the diversity of the natural world.

Some photographers, whether they are professionals or amateur hobbyists, offer their photos for sale online, through websites like Deviant Art. The site allows shoppers to buy art prints and photography prints online, with or without a frame and on canvas or paper. Many of the following nature photographs are all available to buy online through their creators' Deviant Art accounts, and there are thousands more wildlife photos to choose from.

"Zen Fox" by thrumyeye. Such a peaceful moment is rare for wild animals, who are generally alert and wary of danger. The features of the fox's face are sharper than the background areas; a photography technique that draws the eye to the focal point of this photo - the fox's sweet face. [source]
Flamingos sleep while standing, tucking their head under a wing for protection from the elements. In the nature photograph above, the photographer has captured the sleeping flamingo beautifully.  By emphasizing the yin yang nature of the pose, the photographer has added a sense of balance and peace to the picture. [source]
This photograph can be bought online as a print on paper or canvas through the photographer Chris Esla's DeviantArt account, Toribio
This photographer has caught this tiger in an almost human pose, as though the tiger is pulling a funny face, not just simply licking his paw. By personifying the animal subject, the photographer Tonya encourages empathy in the viewer. This tiger photo is called "Oh So Bored" and is available to buy from the photographer through her DeviantArt account: TICphotography730

This white lion is rare, but it isn't a true albino. Most big cat species have a genetic strain that once in a while produces a pure white animal with even the irises of the eyes being white. If this lion was a true albino; its eyes would be pink. You can buy a pre-framed art print of this beautiful wildlife photograph online through Woxys' DeviantArt account.

Photographers are often so focused on their animals subjects that they ignore the animal's natural habitat. This photographer has chosen to exhibit the polar bear as part of its environment. The unusual shape of the ice combined with the beautiful colors of the water and the sky add to the natural beauty of the polar bear.
Antoine Beyeler sells this wintery wonderland photo as an art print through his DeviantArt account abey79. He's called this picture "The Kitchest Bear"

Cameras and photography equipment are heavy!

Wildlife photographers try to use lightweight cameras and camera equipment such as tripods, because in order to find the animals to take pictures of, the photographers sometimes need to hike into the wilderness for many miles, carrying all of their camera equipment with them. And, because they work outdoors, the photographers need to be prepared to protect their equipment from rainy weather or from getting splashed with water while crossing streams.

Sometimes wildlife photographers need a lot of equipment to get the perfect shot, and sometimes they need to get up really early, or stay up really late to have the time to set up their camera gear and snap the perfect picture of an animal at night or in the twilight of dusk and dawn. But most serious wildlife photographers are so passionate about their work that they don't mind losing a bit of sleep if it means that they can get that one, brilliant photo.

This photographer, Ryan, is aware of the value of space within an image, giving the cute squirrel plenty of room to own this photograph. [source]
Buy this cute animal picture online from Canadian Ry through his DeviantArt account.

This is an octopus in it natural environment; the ocean, lit by rays of sunlight that shine through the water. The semi-translucent nature of the octopus's tentacles add to the idea that the octopus is glowing. Detail24 is the photographer of this beautiful underwater image. You can buy this photographic masterpiece, called "Catch the stars" on DeviantArt
Sometimes nature photography reveals an animal's feelings about being photographed. In the photo above, the swans are angry to discover the photographer in their territory. The photographer has expressed fear of the swans by capturing them from below their eye level, which makes the birds seem larger and more fearsome than they actually are. Louis Cipher, going under the name Grim-Jester on DeviantArt, has called this powerful nature photo, "I don't like the swans", a sentimant that is apparent in this photograph. [source]

Young elephants are very playful, often running about while waving their tails and trunks in the air. The photograph is an example of personification. The photographer has taken a picture of the baby elephant's open mouth from an angle that makes it appear as though the elephant is smiling. [source]

This is one of nature's rarities, the glass-winged butterfly. This beautiful creature is stunning when set in contrast to colorful flowers, as in the photograph above. We can see the bright yellow and red flowers through the butterfly's wings, which is a rare and special sight indeed. [source]