Funny Underwater Photographs of Dogs Swimming

Using a combination of technology and swimming skills, these photographers have captured high quality, funny images of dogs swimming. The moment where a dog dives into water is not often seen beneath the splashing water, making these photos a rare treat.

Man's Best Friend Underwater
Some dog breeds are notorious for their swimming skills, whereas others tend to shy away from water. These pictures capture the reactions of the dogs as they plunge suddenly into cold, clear water, often in the act of chasing a ball.

Funny Dog Photos
Humans tend to personify dogs, attributing them with feeling the same emotions and having the same attitudes as humans. At times, dogs can have almost-human facial expressions. Because of this, dogs are a favorite household pet, as people feel that they can empathize and connect with dogs.
Dogs lack the inhibitions of people, and will run, jump and play without feeling embarrassed or ashamed of their actions. Photos of dogs caught in a funny moment are popular online, leading to the advent of sites such as