The Funny Photoshop Animal Hybrids of the Digital Zoo

Digital artists work in image editing programs like Photoshop that allow them to genetically modify photographs to create funny animal hybrids. Photo manipulation artists are the zoo keepers of the digital zoo, adding animals at whim.

Bellowing Gorilla Bird
This Photoshop artist has created the missing link. If only scientists had known that it could fly too.

Spitting Llama Dodo
The Llama Dodo is reputed to be able to survive at enormous heights above sea level, with the ability to spit and peck at its enemies.

The World's Tiniest Kitten
Foregoing years of breeding, this digital artist instead spent a few hours in Photoshop to create the world's tiniest kitten. 

Rooster Cat for a Purring Alarm Clock
It purrs, it crows, it's the rooster cat! This fluffy, feathery creature is infamous for clawing the furniture and waking you up on time.

Why did the Easter dog chirp? He was a little chicken!

Hippo Crustacean's a bit Crabby
Known for charging cars and waving it's claws around, the hippo crab is unaware that he is being bred as an African Photoshop delicacy.