Painting with Pizzas, a Food Art Gallery

Food art is the practice of preparing food in such a way that the finished meal is both aesthetic and edible. 

Silhouettes in Pizza Art
By shaping the dough, pizza chefs can create symbol and character silhouettes. Edible decorations add detail to the pizza art. These are ideal for events such as birthdays, Valentines day or simply to delight both the eyes and taste buds.

Above: This Hello Kitty pizza uses both shape and carefully placed ingredients to create an image of the cat character. 

Above: Even though this Mickey Mouse pizza doesn't have facial details, the silhouette is still recognizable as the popular Disnay character.

Above: This heart shaped pizza is an ideal meal for lovers on Valentine's day. 

Character-filled Pizza Art
Using pizza toppings, food artists can create portraits of famous characters. Each artist has a different method for creating the character's likeness; some uses spices to create subtle shades of color, whereas others prefer to use pizza toppings such as cheese, olives, onions and salami.

Above: Marvel comics' Iron Man appears in this pizza art work. The artist has used shavings of meat, onions and olives to complete the design.

Above: Heath Ledger's Joker character from Batman. The dough has been shaped to create an edible, square canvas for the food artist to work on. 

Above: The dragon logo from the game Mortal Combat has been created on this pizza, using cheese and tomato paste to create contrast in the food design.

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