5 Funny Art Installations

Art installations are physical, sculptural art works that are displayed in public areas. These works of art often have a social or political message, although sometimes, they are simply created to amuse.

"Inversion" aka "Tunnel House"
Houston artists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck transformed a courtyard between two houses into a vortex-like tunnel. The art installation is made using wooden boards; in keeping with the architecture of the area. The finished result is the illusion that some form of black hole has sucked a house into itself, leaving a portal into worlds unknown.

Human Bird Nest Installation
Benjamin Verdonck, a Belgian artist, created this funny art installation, called "The Great Swallow". The artist lived in the human-sized birds nest for several days.

Ice Cream Van Melts in the Sun
In this beach art installation, a large sculpture depicts an ice cream van that has melted under the hot Australian sun.

Art Installation is a Load of Cr*p
Paul McCarthy's "Complex Shit" art installation is made up of enormous inflatable plastic feces. The art work, which was displayed in the garden of a Swiss museum, blew away in a strong wind, bringing down a power line and damaging a glass greenhouse before coming to earth on the grounds of a children's home.

Octo-pied Building has Tentacular Cancer
Artists FilthyLuker and Pedro Estrellas created this hilarious art installation that displays inflatable octopus tentacles waving from the windows of a French building. FilthyLuker comments, "Octo-pied building: a house with tentacular cancer."