Photoshop Turns Skinny Celebrities into Famous Fatties

Photoshop is often used to manipulate photos of models, actresses and other celebrities, making them appear thinner or more beautiful than they actually are in real life. In a creative turn around, these artists have opted to turn the skinny celebrities into famous fatties.

Amy Winehouse
Deceased singer Amy Winehouse maintained a thin, gangly body during her career. In this Photoshop spoof, the artist has even distorted her tatoos to give the impression that this skinny celebrity gained a lot of weight.

Britney Spears
Known for changing her physical appearance by shaving off her own hair, Britney Spears is shown here as a famous fatty.

Cameron Diaz
This beautiful and sometimes too-skinny actress has gained a few Photoshop pounds.

Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra's Photoshop weight gain is a shocker.

Christina Aguilera
Another celebrity singer who is known for changing her physical appearance, Aguilera is shown below as being drastically changed with her Photoshop fat.

Jennifer Lopez
Even Jennifer Lopez is able to boast of the dubious honor of being a famous fatty.

Lindsay Lohan
In reality, Lohan's drug-skinny body has often been the subject of both concern and ridicule. In the world of Photoshop, however, she has become a buxom beauty.

Pamela Anderson
Although Pamela Anderson's breasts grew enormously over several years, her Photoshop fat gain happened overnight.

Shakira's toned body gets fleshed out in Photoshop in this thin to fat photo manipulation spoof.