10 Exquisite Photographs of Wild Animals

Nature holds a wealth of beauty and wonder that every once in a while, a photographer manages to capture in a single frame. Wild animals are a source of fascination for human beings - their lives may be harsher in some ways, but in many ways they embody a sense of freedom that people crave.

Above: "Zen Fox" by thrumyeye. Such a peaceful moment is rare in wild animals, who are generally alert and wary of danger. The features of the fox's face are sharper than the background areas, a technique that draws the eye to the focal point - the face. [source]

Above: Flamingos sleep while standing, tucking their heads under a wing for protection from the elements. In the nature photograph above, the photographer has captured the sleeping flamingo beautifully. By emphasizing the yin yang nature of the pose, the photographer has added a sense of balance and peace to the picture. [source]

Above: This photographer has caught this tiger in an almost human pose, as though the tiger is pulling a face, not just simply licking his paw. By personifying the animal subject, the photographer encourages empathy in the viewer. [source]

Above: This white lion is rare, but isn't a true albino. Most big cat species have a genetic strain that once in a while produces a pure white animal. If this lion was an albino, its eyes would be pink. [source]

Above: Photographers are often so focused on their animal subjects that they ignore the animal's natural habitat. This photographer has chosen to exhibit the polar bear as part of its environment. The unusual shape of the ice combined with the beautiful colors add to the natural beauty of the polar bear. [source]

Above: This photographer is aware of the value of space within an image, giving the cute squirrel plenty of room to own this photograph. [source]

Above: An octopus in its aquatic environment, lit naturally by rays of sunlight shining through the water. The semi-translucent nature of the octopus's tentacles add to the feeling that the octopus is glowing. [source]

Above: Nature photography isn't always just a way to capture an amazing moment in time. Sometimes, the most effective photographs reveal a relationship between the animals and the photographer. In the picture above, the swans are angry to discover the photographer in their territory. The photographer has expressed his fear of the swans by capturing them with an upward angle, which makes the birds seem much larger than they actually are. [source]

Above: Young elephants are very playful, often running about while waving their trunks in the air. This photograph is an example of personification - humans recognize the open-mouthed expression on the animal's face as a smile. [source]

Above: One of nature's rarities, the glass winged butterfly. This beautiful creature is beautiful when set in contrast to colorful flowers, as in the photograph above. [source]