Fantastically Funny Photoshop Image Manipulations

Digital art programs like Photoshop can be used as a tool to create art in dozens of different styles. One of the art styles that Photoshop is most famous for is image manipulation. This is when a Photoshop artist takes one or more photographs and edits them in Photoshop to create a new image.

A Photoshop Perspective

Creating funny Photoshop images isn't as easy as it looks. Photoshop artists need to be familiar with the program, have artistic talent and skill and have a keen eye for detail. There are many tricks that artists use to create funny Photoshop pictures, but the favorite among art lovers is the trick of creating an image of something that looks real, but can't possibly be real.

Above: A Photoshop artist has manipulated the size of the doctor so that he seems to be small enough to fit inside the lioness's mouth. Both of the figures are taken from real photographs, so the finished Photoshop art work looks like a real situation. [source]

Above: A funny Photoshop caricature by Rodney Pike. Pike is a master Photoshop artist who creates caricatures from real photographs, making hilarious portraits that seem real. [source]

Above: Photoshop animal hybrids are some of the funniest digital art images around. This Photoshop artist has created a Tiger Squirrel, combining two creatures that are very different; one is about as dangerous as a packet of peanuts while the other can tear a person to pieces. Creating a Photoshop creature hybrid out of two animals results in a humorous character that is at odds with itself. [source]

Creating a Funny Picture in Photoshop
Every funny Photoshop image starts with a funny idea. Sometimes a digital artist will be inspired by an image, a joke or another artists' work. Image manipulation programs like Photoshop allow artists to suspend reality and create humorous images that wouldn't have been possible a few decades ago. Creating a quality image manipulation in Photoshop takes time, effort and skill. The more time that is spent perfecting the image, the better the finished result is.

Above: This funny Photoshop head swap shows a man's head and a toddler's arms. The difference in age is what creates the humor in this image. The Photoshop artist who created this image was smart - the arms don't join the body anywhere in the image, making the illusion easier to create. [source]

Above: A human food hybrid, created by merging two images, one of a child and another of a pear. [source]

Above: Harry Potter, digitally aged in Photoshop. The beard is probably taken from another photograph and overlaid onto the image of Harry Potter. [source]