Food Art: Freaky Fruit and Veg

Just when you thought apples and pears were innocent victims of man's need to eat... Think again. Vegetables can be nasty too, at least according to the food artworks below.

Banana Flasher

Beware, beware all you strawberries and pears, there's a banana flasher out there! This freaky fruit stalks the night, searching for unwary fruity females to flash.

For human fans of this freaky fruit, you can take the opportunity to dress up in this funny and naughty Halloween costume;

Photoshop Vampire Apples

Careful! The apple you just bit into might just bite you back... Many vegetarians say that they won't eat anything with eyes, fur or feathers, but what about apples with teeth?

"I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals, I'm a vegetarian because I hate vegetables." - Unknown

Annoying Orange

If you're not afraid of fruit, but are mildly annoyed by it, Annoying Orange is the pal for you. Combining Photoshop with animation techniques and live footage, the folks at have a series ofepsiodes featuring, yes you guesssed it; the talking fruit, Annoying Orange.

Cannibal Pumpkin

You can sleep safe and sound this Halloween. The cannibal pumpkins aren't after you, they're after their pumpkin pals... For more Halloween pumpkin carving and decorating ideas, visit

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