Steampunk Styles Punk Modern Devices and Gadgets with Victorian Vogue

As a sub-genre of science fiction and fantasy, steampunk has clattered and ground its way into current technological designs. Incorporating the steam-driven and clockwork-powered inventions of the late 19th century into current gadgets and devices, artists and designers are using steampunk styles to give modern technological tools an old-world feel.

Steampunk Flash Drives/USB Drives

Also known as thumb drives, these nifty mass storage devices are pocket-sized and portable. Though the purpose of the device is to perform a modern function; the transportation of information, there’s no reason why the design of the USB shouldn’t look like it has teleported from an alternate reality. Victorian-era design elements that are used in steampunk designs include clockwork parts and metals such as copper or bronze.

Above: 2GB Copper Steampunk Flash Drive from qacreate. Steampunk mods are fast becoming a popular form of geek art.

Above: 16GB Mechanical Memory Key from Artype, using clockwork parts from six pocket watches. When in use, the drive glows green from below, giving the parts a sense of movement. 

Above: 16GB Copper and Patina Steampunk Flash Drive from cerriousdesign. The three gears move when the drive is connected.

Steampunk Computer Mouse

A computer mouse is typically made with modern materials such as plastic and rubber. By using Victorian-era elements of woods and metals, these designers have transformed this computer device to look like a 19th century antique.

Above: Steampunk Furnace Mouse by Unklian. The buttons are made from shaped copper, and a steam furnace effect is created with an orange LED inside the casing. 

Above: The Bug, Steampunk Computer Mouse created by Jake Hildebrandt, for his steampunk computer The Telecalculograph.

Above: Steampunk mouse from Modding Russia. Intricate designs on the metal and a rope casing for the cord create a truly authentic feel for this piece.

Steampunk iPods

Above: Steampunk iPod Case by Neal Brigdens, using copper, brass and oak wood. Created using jeweler’s techniques, this sturdy case is likely to outlive the iPod it holds.

Above: Doctor Grymm’s Eye-Pod Victrola from Fully functining iPod cased in a steampunk, horror hybrid casing. 

Steampunk Laptops and Computers

Above: Hewlett Packard ZT1000 laptop casing by Datamancer. The laptop is turned on and off with an antique clock-winding key and boasts clawed feet and antique-styled copper keyboard and mouse.

Above: Dell 1907FP Flat Panel Monitor and keyboard steampunk mod by The Steampunk Workshop. The screen uses chime levers from a grandfather clock as screen controls.

Above: The Nagy Magical-Movable-Type-Pixello-Dynamotronic Computational Engine by Datamancer. This elaborate design uses a typewriter, clock and a carved wooden stand complete with lamps to create steampunk style.

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