Top 10 Wicked Designs on Motorbike Helmets

Giving up the luxury of staying dry in a car for the economical convenience of a motorbike doesn’t mean you can’t get soggy in style.

With the rising cost of petroleum and gasoline, many people are turning to motorbikes as a fuel efficient locomotive during the current fuel crisis. Cars offer simple luxuries such as protection from the weather and adequate storage space. But if you’re going to get rained on, snowed on and hailed on, you might as well do it with a toothy grin (at least on your helmet).

Freaking out the neighborhood children is a top priority when choosing your biker gear. Why stop at a simple airbrushed skull design on your helmet when you can wear a leather suit reminiscent of an anorexic model?

Iron Man Crash Helmet

Although wearing full body armor made from iron is not an option on a motorcycle, you can still look as awesome as Marvel Comics' Iron Man. The helmet and visor have been airbrushed with shiny metallic paint to feed your glossy Iron Man obsession.

Spiderman Crash Helmets

Express your love for either the naughty or nice Spiderman with a black or red Spidey helmet. He climbs walls, spins webs and now wears a hardcore leather jacket and carries an organ donor card.

Venom Crash Helmet

Or, if you find yourself rooting for the baddies in every Spiderman movie, try the Venom helmet on for size. Although you may think it would be awkward to see past Venom’s sharp teeth, the visor has been airbrushed in such a way that peering out from the abyss of Venom’s mouth has never been easier.

Alien vs Predator Crash Helmet

If you’re a fan of the Alien vs Predator movies, ride a bike and wish Halloween was every day, this Predator airbrush design is the one for you. Complete with plenty of pointy fangs and a piercing glare, you’ll find you have the right of way on the roads more often than not.

Sweet Tooth the Clown Crash Helmet

Sweet Tooth the Clown from the video game, Twisted Metal, has given up his combat ice cream truck for all the jollies of riding a motorbike. However, creating Sweet Tooth’s flaming hairdo is left up to the biker.

Anaconda Crash Helmet

These helmets offer unlimited amusement for the wearer, as small children and elderly woman flee the scene in terror. Why bother with a gas guzzling car when you can enjoy the economical and endless entertainment provided by motorbikes and the gear that goes with them?

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