Calvin and Hobbes Fan Art: Manga and Cartoon

Bill Watterson’s comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes, has a distinctive style, yet his characters are so unique that they are recognizable even when rendered in manga or other cartoon styles.

The creator of Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson, considered turning his famous comic strip into an animation, but said that it was “a bit scary to think of hearing Calvin’s voice”. Although Watterson felt that animators could successfully give life to Calvin, through the tricks of distortion and exaggeration that animators use, Calvin and Hobbes never made it to the screen. It seems that the infamous duo will forever remain on paper as cartoon heroes.

Manga Calvin and Hobbes

The Japanese cartoon style, manga, has gained popularity around the world. Manga is often very expressive, creating caricatures with large, emotive eyes and expansive facial expressions. These artists have created homages to the original Calvin and Hobbes cartoon by creating Calvin and Hobbes fan art in a manga style.

Above: Naruto-styled manga of Calvin and Hobbes, with Naruto and the Nine-tailed Fox representing Calvin and Hobbes

Above: Manga color drawing of Calvin as teenager/young adult, with Suzie Derkins as his girlfriend. Hobbes, as always, is along for the ride

Above: Hobbes carrying a sleeping Calvin

Above: A famous image of Calvin and Hobbes soaring through the air on a push-cart

Above: Best friends laughing

Above: Calvin and Hobbes taking a nap

Other Cartoon Styles

The following fan artworks show Calvin and Hobbes in a variety of cartoon styles. No matter what age Calvin and Hobbes are shown as, and no matter what style they are drawn in, these characters are still recognizable.
Watterson named the characters after historical figures, John Calvin, a 16th-century theologian and Thomas hobbes, a 17th-century political philosopher.

Above: Grown-up Calvin and Hobbes (See more Grown-up Cartoon Characters)

Above: The artists has made minor changes to both Calvin and Hobbes' appearances, yet the characters are still recognizable

Above: Suzie Derkins, Calvin's mortal enemy, steals a kiss

Above: Calvin and Hobbes fan art of the duo as teenagers

Above: Another fan art work of the pair as teenagers, in typical teenage poses.

Above: The creator of this illustration has titled it "Real friendship never dies", a theme that is central to the story of Calvin and Hobbes.

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