Modern Tattoo Designs Reflect Computer and Web Consumer Choices

Tattoos, as a form of self-expression, are now taking the form of popular software, operating system and gaming logos. Tattoos have served as a means of self-expression for centuries, reflecting a person’s societal status, personal beliefs and passions.

In reaction to our modern technological era, consumers have turned to computer and web-based logos for tattoo designs, often as a visual statement of a person’s choice in software, operating systems or code platforms.

Operating Systems

The debate between the wisdom of choosing Mac, Linux or Windows continues; with consumers using their bodies as a canvas to state their personal choice.

Apple Mac Logo
A bold, clear statement that the owner of the tattoo is a Mac user and proud of it.

Linux Penguin Logo
A cute image that has been used as a tattoo design by many Linux users, especially female users.

Microsoft Windows Logo
A colorful and easily recognizable image that is gaining popularity among Windows users as a tattoo design.

Connected to the Web

Web-based logo designs are becoming chic choices for tattoo designs, with the colorful Google and stylish Firefox logos taking to the streets in the form of body art.

Because online giant, Google, knows everything. The colorful, clear lettering makes it an attractive design for a tattoo.

Not only is the web browser a powerful and attractive piece of software, but the Firefox logo is also attractive and makes a stylish tattoo design.

Lock-in the Code

Mathematics, pieces of code and binary translations are often used in humorous or meaningful tattoos.

Html code tattooed on the neck, using a snatch of code to create a humorous effect by labeling the head and body with html code.

Binary Code
Name initials in binary code – A personal expression of self, using a Binary translation of this person’s initials.

This tattoo has a meaning to the person who chose it, though the symbolism may be misunderstood by those who see it. As with many tattoos, the chosen design often has a meaning that appeals to the owner of the tattoo, but isn’t immediately clear to others.

A Walking Advertisement
Some people have decided to use their bodies as a walking billboard for their website.

GrownUp Geek
This tattoo is an advertisement for GrownUp Geek. Advertising takes many forms, but this particular advertisement is paid for once, doesn’t weather the way outdoor advertisements do, and will be the topic of many conversations.

Games, Computer Symbols & Hardware

Mario Brothers
A Mario Brothers “Game Over” tattoo. There are many Mario Brothers tattoo designs available, often with the Mario character in a large, colorful scene with other gaming characters. This one, however, is a series of separate images and has been tattooed on the neck, a painful and very visible area for tattoo art.

Mac Command Key
A bold, clean image with interweaving loops, similar to the popular trinity tattoo.

Space Invaders
A fun image from the classic computer game, shown here in its original pixilated form.

Another simple, yet bold design that holds a deeper meaning for the owner.

Mac Finder
A modern, graphic design used in Mac operating systems that is both friendly and colorful.

This guy is obviously an avid fan of Dell, to have had the logo covering such a large area of his body. The clean lines and bright color of the logo make an impressive statement in a tattoo.
Many tattoos serve an aesthetic role and are simply an artistic decoration on the skin.
These tattoo design choices express the views and passions of computer and web consumers, and one can only hope that the company logo designs will not change before the tattoos fade.

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