Delicious Body Art: Chocolate Body Painting

Forget creme brulee, milk tart and lemon meringue pie. Chocolate body paint offers a sexy, tasty dessert as a happy ending to a romantic date.

Edible chocolate body paint can be found in a variety of flavors, but the most common are dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. Pots of chocolate flavored body paint are often sold with a paint brush, but this writer feels that the paint should be applied with fingers or tubes, for a far more sensual art experience.
The art of body painting creates a personal experience between the artist and the model. The model must trust that the artist will respect their body, and the artist must be comfortable to be in such close proximity to the model. Body painting is one of the most sensual, interactive forms of art, as it involves touch, trust and self-expression.

Chocolate body paint can be applied in several different ways, to create a variety of effects. As seen in the photos above, the artist has poured edible chocolate paint over the model’s bodies, to delight the viewer with a delicious image of a girl drenched in chocolate.

Edible body paint can also be applied using a tube, to create a detailed decorative effect. Using a tube to apply the paint means that the artist can form delicate swirls, lines and dots to give a lacy, feminine effect. Take a look at these chocolate body paintings created with paint tubes by Gerard Petzl. You can see more of his art at Forever Art.

Chocolate body paint can also be combined with edible glitter, also known as confectioners glitter, to create a shimmering, edible body painting. This combination of bling and chocolate will delight women as a Valentine’s day gift.

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