3-D Graffiti Sculptures Hit the Streets

Graffiti has moved into a new dimension with these stunning 3D graffiti sculptures.

Graffiti, a popular urban art form, has taken on a new style in the shape of 3-Dimensional designs. Many of these pieces have been conceptualized with 3D polygonal modeling programs; a relatively new artistic resource. The pieces stand apart from traditional graffiti styles, yet incorporate many aesthetic traits of classic graffiti pieces such as the use of perspective and color.

Peeta Sculptural Graffiti

These stunning artworks by the artist Peeta are made from a variety of materials. Some are made from polyurethane and then spray-painted. Other materials that the artist uses include cardboard, wood, fabrics, graphite and cellulose actetate.

"Poly" 2005 by Peeta. Even in the 2-dimensional medium of photography, this graffiti art work has a distinct 3-D effect. This is created by the presence of highlights and shadows in the sculpture.
"Untitled" 2008 by Peeta. Some 3D graffiti pieces use cardboard as the basic structure for the design, with colorful fabrics stitched over the framework. The abstract appearance of graffiti tagging alphabets convert well into 3D art installations.
"S" 2003 by Peeta. This piece was created using hand-made cellulose acetate which lends the sculpture a slick, shiny feel.
"Rock" 2005 by Peeta
Traditional graffiti artists often gambled with unlikely and unusual perspectives. These pieces are based on the visual depth created by graffiti artists, bringing the perspective of classic graffiti art to life in beautiful twisting sculptures. Check out Peeta’s site

German Artist DAIM 3-D Graffiti

DAIM, a German artist, dabbles in many forms of art, but has received global recognition for his 3-Dimensional graffiti art style. Using a well-known graffiti look, DAIM takes his art one step further, pushing a traditionally 2-Dimensional art form into the third dimension. This artist has been producing graffiti works since 1989, expressing his graffiti talents in many mediums, including etching, spray-painting and 3D sculptural graffiti. His urban artworks appear in built-up areas across Germany and in art galleries. Visit DAIM Gallery for more info on DAIM.

Truth 3D Cubist Graffiti

Using colored Polystyrene blocks, artist Krystian "truth" Czaplicki creates 3-Dimensional artworks that are inspired by the cubist movement. Standing in stark contrast to the building, these pieces create an attractive and colorful diversion from the dull brickwork of modern architecture. Visit Truth’s website.

Delta Sculptural Graffiti

Considered one of the pioneers of the European graffiti art movement, Delta creates complex 3D graffiti pieces that hang suspended above the viewer on wires, or which fit snugly against a wall. See more of Delta’s work here

3D Graffiti as a New Artistic Style

Art based on the classic graffiti style is growing in popularity and graffiti style innovations are appearing with more regularity. As pioneers for a new dimension of graffiti, these artists are often commissioned to create 3D sculptural pieces for business and shop owners. Graffiti needn’t be an illegal art form anymore, and it is refreshing to see these talented artists making money from their work.

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